28 de octubre de 2013

Apuntes bajo tierra

a la gente no le importa mucho pasar algebra de una verdad
cuando estan tan ocupados en vivir

wonderland in alice
you and me are sleeping the night
we are sleeping over the hours

no siento mas sueños
mis ojos se han convertido en ventanas
de donde se ve fluir la normalidad completa

I cant wait to see all the beatles dead
natural deceised or maybe killer

I know that Im a fool

A long time ago
I went to the doctor
went and told him a secret
there is a little little secret path
aroad from the kitchen
made to scape thorugh the back yard
from a hole to the rats hole

I would certainly like to play whith the other kids
but they were always maiking fun of me

my parents said Im going insane

from a small hole to a big hole
and there is where the party started with the animals

Everybody wants to hear the song
I dont want to hear it anymore

gastando tu vida aqui encerrado